1. What is the cost to rent the trailer?  .  Price will vary depending on the number of days the trailer is needed.  Prices are very competitive so call and let’s negotiate!

  2. Will it fit at my event?  The 5-station Trailer is approximately 8 1/2' wide, 26' long. It must be maneuvered into place while being towed behind a truck.  Arrangements can be made for a smaller 2-station trailer for events with less than 50 guests. 

  3. What type of event does your trailer support?  Special events such as Weddings, Corporate/Brand Events, Private Parties, Fairs/Festivals, Disaster Relief, Fundraisers and Film Production locations.

  4. Are attendants always available?  For an additional fee an attendant can be available throughout your event time frame.
  5. Is there a fee for delivery & set-up?  Magic Luxury Toilets will deliver, set-up, pick-up and clean-up the trailer at no extra cost to locations within our service area. For locations outside of our service area  an additional fee will apply.
  6. What special items are needed by the trailer? The trailer is self-contained and comes with music and air conditioning. Powered by a generator.

  7. What is the process for renting the trailer?  Once you contact us we’ll send you a Questionnaire.  When you’re ready to book we’ll send you a contact, which requires a non-refundable deposit to officially reserve your date.  If a permit is needed for our trailer to be set up at a particular location, it is up to the client to obtain the permits.

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